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Feral Hog and Predator Control

Feral Hog Control

Feral hogs cause damage to Improved pastures, agriculture and can carry disease to livestock.  Hogs breed extremely fast and populations get out of control .  What we do to control feral hog populations is hunt them when they are out in their nocturnal habits. .  Florida wildlife Commission now allows on private property the hunting of feral hogs and coyotes at night without the need of special gun and light permit.  An individual or team will relocate to any Private ranch or farm . Check safety of problem area. Using 320 and 640  grade military thermal vision rifle scopes we search, clearly identify and target problem species.  This is a safer practice since workers are not generally working the ranch or farms late at night.  Be aware our services cannot be used if your hog or coyote problem falls within city limits. As many city ordinances prohibit the discharge of firearms therein. Contact or call for pricing be happy to negotiate.